Movement Mechanics Physiotherapy Session - Systematics

Movement Mechanics Physiotherapy Session

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Feeling pain in the body? Tight muscles? Or just want to find and address imbalances to supercharge your athletic performance?

Then this is where you want to be. Our team of highly trained physios will help release knots, find muscle imbalances, correct posture and more. 

We offer a wide range of services which include treatment for:

i. Acute musculoskeletal disorders (post-operative cases incl. TKR, ACL, meniscus repair, spinal surgery) ii. Kinesiology taping
iii. Chronic musculoskeletal disorders (frozen shoulder, rotator tendinopathy) iv. Fascia/ trigger point dry needling techniques
v. Sports injury management and sports massage vi. Myofascial release techniques
vii. Gait analysis, movement analysis and correction viii. Chronic pain management
ix. Strength and conditioning x. Weight loss program
xi. Sports performance training

Each session lasts 45 minutes

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