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Herbal Soothe -Pain Relief Patch

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Long lasting pain relief and recovery for sports injuries (swelling and bruises).

This is a “cold” type plaster which reduces swelling and blood contusions and provides pain relief and recovery.

Herbal plaster to relieve aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with:

•  Arthritis
•  Bruises
•  Backache
•  Strains
•  Sprains

Quick Comparison of Herbal Soothe vs Other Plasters

1) Herbal Soothe has 17 natural herbs (TCM formulation) vs 5 or less chemical ingredients for the other brands (mostly painkillers)

2) Other brands are ~2x to 5x more expensive than Kaiser’s plaster

3) Anecdotal evidence shows Herbal Soothe effect lasts longer than 8 hours while the other brand’s plasters only last for max 1 hour

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