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MaxOut® is an adult fitness programme designed to help you reach your goals. We focus on strength on conditioning to help you get into tip-top shape. While some may find constant running may pave the way for injuries, we look to nip problems in the bud with movement correction, core stability and strengthening, and a low-mileage approach

Looking to keep fit?

Want to get something going? Our programme is adjusted for the individual so while we will push you hard, it will still be within your capabilities.

Preparing for races?

Got a run coming up? Whether it’s your first 5k, or your 5th marathon, come join in and we'll identify your weak spots and improve them so that you can look forward to a better timing and experience.

Programme Details

- Fitness and strength & conditioning for adults

- Movement correction, form analysis

- Suitable for all abilities and all race preparation

- Twice a week sessions at our fully equipped clinic/gym

- Accredited, professional, and dedicated coaches

Contact us at Enquiries@fwcc.sg to discuss how we can help you!