FWCC Competitive Program

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Looking for a boost in your performance? Our competitive programme is for athletes who are looking to train seriously for athletics. The programme is geared towards the major school competitions and will build up athletes looking to perform well in such meets.

We aim to cover all avenues such as strength and conditioning, technical corrections, as well as a periodized programme so that you get the most improvement in your performance.


Already playing a different sport?

Our training can also benefit athletes playing other sports! Improving foundation skills, reaction, speed, power, and general fitness is sure to help any athlete no matter the sport.

We have worked with athletes from badminton, rugby, football, tennis.

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Program Details

- Yearly periodized training

- National Schools preparations

- Strength and conditioning sessions, track workouts

- Unlimited sessions per week

- Accredited, professional, and dedicated coaches


Contact us at Enquiries@fwcc.sg to discuss how we can help you!