Cordymax CS-4 Stamina Boost

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CordyMax® Cs-4® is a proprietary, standardized extract of Cordyceps sinensis mushroom to promote stamina and vitality while reducing fatigue

Primary Benefits

• Promotes vitality and stamina*

• Reduces fatigue*

• Promotes healthy lung function*

What Makes This Product Unique?

• Proprietary cultivation and extraction processes

• Highest concentration of active constituents available

• Clinically proven to be effective in healthy adults, the elderly, the active, and sedentary individuals

• Most closely resembles wild Tibetan strain used anciently in traditional Chinese medicine

• Stimulant-free

Who Should Use This Product?

CordyMax® Cs-4® is designed for use by persons with busy, hectic lifestyles, athletes, the elderly, and those desiring increased vitality without the use of stimulants.


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