Mental Edge

If you’re not performing up to your potential in competition, your mental game is probably holding you back.

Coach Hansen has helped 100s of athletes (from young athletes, professional athletes to athletes with impairments) over the past 10 years to uncover the beliefs and attitudes that have kept them from performing to their potential. You’ll learn proven mental strategies that will help develop your mental toughness and get the mental edge.

Get the Mental Edge
Our customized mental edge coaching programs will help you:

  • Take your practice game to competition consistently
  • Uncover doubts and be proactive with your self-confidence
  • Increase the consistency of performance with pregame routines
  • Learn mental strategies to get into the zone.
  • Manage distractions and perform with focus

Customize your Mental Edge Coaching Programme

You can improve your mental game one-on-one with Coach Hansen himself in Singapore or get coaching from anywhere in the world via video conferencing.  

All programs include the Athlete’s Mental Aptitude Assessment (AMAP), a custom mental game plan, weekly coaching sessions, unlimited email correspondence, and mental edge worksheets or eBooks.

One-on-one mental coaching is the fastest and most effective method to improve your mental game, boost your performance, and make lasting changes.

We have 3 central programmes for you to choose from. These programmes allow you to work one-on-one with Coach Hansen in person (Singapore), or anywhere in the world via video conferencing. Please review the options below and email us with your questions at

Please note that our coaching programs are for athletes aged 15 and above. For parents with younger athletes, please refer to our Parent As Coach program.